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  • News and the Shape of Europe, 1500-1750
    Queen Mary, University of London, 26-28 July 2013. This major news history event will feature 40 speakers from across Europe and the Americas. As the final stage in the Leverhulme international project News Networks in Early Modern Europe, this conference will contribute to a new, pan-European history of news. Topics covered include the languages, geographies, forms and infrastructures of early modern European news; reflections on the state of current research in the history of news communication, and methodological reflections on how to conceptualise networks in the context of news; and a number of case studies of particular axes, innovations, and problems in news transmission, spanning the full breadth of early modern Europe. Registration open:
  • Workshop on Humour in Press News Discourse (1700-1900) at 5th International Conference on Late Modern English,
    University of Bergamo, Italy, 28-30 August 2013.
  • RSA Conference, New York, 27-29 March, 2014, ‘News’ panel
    Panel title: The role and practice of translation in published news in Early Modern Europe

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